Finding The Smiths

Wizard City – Prospector Zeke Quest

Prospector Zeke

You may want to review our Zeke Quest overview for some helpful tips and you’ll find a list of current Zeke Quests we’re working on. Remember there are items in each world to find.

You first meet Zeke at the beginning of the game where he welcomes you to Wizard City and tells you about things people have forgotten and need to find.

You will be given this request when you’re a level 1 wizard, so look for Zeke near the statue by the large pond in front of Master Ambrose’s house. For your first quest, Zeke will tell you:


Zeke explains that if you help him find these lost items, he’ll reward you for your trouble. You DO want to help him. When you complete each Zeke quest, you earn a badge for that world, such as the Wizard City Explorer badge. More importantly you earn a training point that you can use at one of the schools to attain a new spell card.

The SmithsFind The Smiths!

There are 10 smiths to find in Wizard City. Not all these areas are accessible for free players, which is bummer.

Like Wizard City, you must complete certain tasks in some areas in order to be given a quest to enter another area. So don’t think you can get the quest from Zeke and then set off to find the lost Smiths.

X Marks The SpotBelow are the locations of the smiths and a map for the area they’re in. Look for the X on the map.


1. Golem Court
The first Smith is behind the Golem Tower next to a tree. You really can’t miss him. He’s not exactly hidden. He’ll be standing by the path to the left of the cave.

Golem Court

2. The Commons
The 2nd Smith is in the Fairgrounds outside Golem Court. Go to the left when you enter the fairgrounds.There’s a tree between the yellow star tent and the purple sun tent. The smith is hiding behind the tree.

3. Ravenwood
When you enter Ravenwood follow the path to the left. Go as far as you can go to the dead end. To your left behind the Myth House is a tree. To the right of the tree in the small overlook with a bench and the smith.

4. Shopping District
When you enter the shopping district, turn to your right. Go behind that first tree on the corner and between the two buildings. You’ll see another tree behind the wand shop and the smith will be next to that tree.

5. Unicorn Way
All the way at the end of Unicorn Way you will find a building with a Pegasus standing before it. In the front left corner of the yard to this building stands the Smith of Unicorn Way.

6. Olde Towne
When you enter Olde Town head to your right where Gloria Krendell is standing. On her right is a tree and standing between the tree and her house is the next Smith.

7. Cyclopes Lane
On your quest to talk to Nolan Stormgate go behind his stage and across the river to the little island looking piece of land by the wall. Next to the tree is the Smith.

8. Triton Avenue
Once you speak with Duncan Grimwater, cross the bridge toward the four waterfalls. Once you’re over the bridge turn left and cross the two little rivers. The Smith is hiding behind the rock near the wall.

9. Firecat Alley
When you get the quest to go to Fireglobe Theater, take time to swing around the fire cat statue on the right. You’ll find the Smith there.

10. Colossus Boulevard
When you get the quest to go to Gobblestone Castle, take time to find the last Smith. Look for him when you run down the ramp leading to the castle. He’ll be standing to the left, between the snowy pine tree and the colossus statue.

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