About Wizards

Your Characters

Each account on Wizard 101 can create up to 6 wizard characters. You can take the personality test and discover which school you fit into, or you can skip the test and select your own school.

There are seven schools and each one has its own unique spells for battle. The more your wizard level’s up the strong and more powerful your spells become. Through quests and leveling up you attain training points that you can use at the schools to attain spell cards. Now you can use these points at any school. But we advise that you acquire all the spells for your school first. The spell cards from your school can increase in power simply because they’re from your school. So it’s best to acquire those first. As you progress through the game, you will have opportunities to attain spells from other schools.

Keep in mind however, once you design your character’s hair and hair color, facial features, and skin color you will not be able to change them once you’ve created them. Nor will you be able to change their name. So take time to think these things through, because you’ll be stuck with them through the life of your wizard.

Hat Attributes

Once you’re in the game and leveling up you have the opportunity to buy new cloths and accessories for your wizards. You can purchase new items in local stores or with purchased crowns in the crown shop. But remember the cloths you choose for your wizard are important and will play a part in the game.

To the left is an image of the Hat my Balance wizard is wearing (indicated by the fist) and a hat that is in my backpack. Notice both items are school only hats. This means only a wizard from that school can wear that hat. So my balance wizard will not be able to wear the Cowl of Rhyming, because it’s a Life school hat. But I’ll be able to sell that item in the shop later. The Tranquil Topper gives my Balance wizard an extra 192 life points. It also increases all Balance spells by 8%. It also indicates that your wizard must be at least a level 40 in order to wear these hats. You can buy them anytime you have enough gold to do so. But you will not be able to equip them (wear them) until you reach the level indicated in the attributes.

Life, Mana, Energy

Check the characteristics of the cloths you buy before you purchase them. Cloths can add to your Health (the red ball), Mana (the blue ball and what you need for drawing a spell card in battle) and they also can increase the effectiveness of shields, spells and other characteristics that help during battle.The green ball is your energy level. This is used when you want to train your pet or work in your garden.

You should also carefully choose your wand, amulet, ring and spell deck as well. During the game you will have opportunities to upgrade your cloths and accessories. We strongly advise you do this every chance you get. We have seen level 60 wizards with less than 3,000 points in health. Where as one of our level 60 wizards possesses over 4,500 points in health. In the upper levels this difference can be the key to making it through a battle in tact or losing and starting over.

Come meet and follow our wizards through the ‘Wizard’ drop down menu item above. We’re very proud of our wizards.

© 2012 Victoria Fireheart’s Keep; Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. All Rights Reserved.

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