About Fireheart’s Keep


Rascal The Heckhound

Victoria Fireheart’s Keep ~ A Stronghold For Wayward Wizards

Our family blog for Wizard101 game guides, story overviews and information for playing the game. Along with news and special announcements from KingsIsle. You’ll find information for Zeke quests, Spiral Books, Housing, Crafting, Minions and more!

Victoria Fireheart’s Keep is named after one of our newest wizards. A fire wizard who is battling through the spiral each week. But she’s only one of our wizards. Check out our other current Wizards.

We provide maps of areas within each world, help you be prepared for what’s inside a world or dungeon, and when needed provide clarification to a quest that might save you time and frustration while playing the game.

It is not our intent to take the fun out of the game or provide a lot of spoilers for the playing of the game. Our guides and information are designed to give help to players who get stuck or lost and need some help getting back on track.

We hope you enjoy our little Keep and have fun playing Wizard101!

© 2012 Victoria Fireheart’s Keep;  Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D.  All Rights Reserved.


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