A New Wizard

Victoria Thundercloud

It’s been a very long time since I played Wizard101. Years even. Usually we’re playing Pirate101 and we share our adventures at A Pirates Portal. Unfortunately the pandemic has impacted everyone, including our friends at KingsIsle. So there hasn’t been a pirate update in quite a while.

Wizard101 was their first game, released in 2008. Pirate came later. And there are more players on Wizard101 as well. The folks at KingsIsle have put a lot of their pandemic focus on Wizard, which has allowed for more updates and enhancements over the past year.

Today I finally found the inspiration to put some of my, stuck in the house, focus to playing. Since I’m all caught up in Pirate, I decided to start from scratch and find everything new in Wizard City with a new Wizard.

Allow me to introduce Victoria Thundercoud!
She’s a Life Element Wizard. And she’s already completed the task over on Unicorn Way. This afternoon, she met the School Professors, picked up the Finding the Smiths quest from Zeke and even dropped a few things in her dorm room.

She joins our other Wizards who have been around for long time.

Going through the Spiral from scratch will also help to update our guides here at Fireheart’s Keep. So stay tuned and come back to visit from time to time. Check out our Game Guides on our A-Z Content page. Or just walk around the place and peruse our past posts.

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