Archive | June 30, 2012

Quest Journal #4 – Krokotopia Hints

Victoria Fireheart
Level 27 Wizard

Welcome To Krokotopia!

Victoria made it through the Sunken City and has moved on to battle in Krokotopia. Yeah! Here you will enter the desert islands of Krokotopia where Egyptian themed crocodile’s and enemies will try to thwart your wizard at every turn.

Now there are some helpful hints about starting your journey through the desert land of Krokotopia. First, talk to everyone before you start any battles. You will receive a ton of quests that require you to run over here and talk to this guy, go back over there and talk to that guy, pick up equipment, find boxes and so on and so on. By the time you do all these non-battle quests; you’ll gain enough experience to level up! It’s well worth the effort!

Don’t forget to check in with your school’s professor from time to time to get your next spell. The ones you get here running around in Krokotopia are cards you’ll use throughout your game journey.

In your running around talking to people you should find Prospector Zeke near the Oasis Library. Here he will give you the quest to find the Beetles. Don’t forget to get this quest and look for the beetles. Like all the other Zeke quests, he’ll give you a training point when you complete his task.

Krokotopia doesn’t have a Spiral Book quest. There is a short history quest that you complete by talking to the Manders. Even though there isn’t a book quest, you will make up for that by running around and doing other non-battle quests. Continue reading