Quest Journal #1 – Wizard City Hints

Victoria Fireheart Levels Up Apprentice Pyromancer 8

Taking a break from writing I decided to play with my new fire wizard. During the evening she became a Level 8 wizard. Received a pet gift and a permanent mount from one of my other wizards.

Meet Smokey, the Heckhound. The perfect companion for a fire wizard!

He’s still a baby, but he is on his way to becoming a teen and a very helpful battle companion!

This weekend Victoria and Smokey will be journeying through Triton Avenue and Cyclops Lane.

One of the changes in the game that experienced Wizards may notice comes in the form of quests to visit your school’s professor. Used to be when you leveled up and qualified for a new spell, your professor would send you a message to come see them. They don’t do that now. So as you level up make sure you take time to visit your school and get your new spells. Take note of the training display and you’ll know which levels you should go back and check in.

© 2012 Victoria Fireheart’s Keep; Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D. All Rights Reserved.


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