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Welcome To Our Wizard101 Blog

Mom and I have a lot of fun playing and pretending. We love going to our local Renaissance Fairs and dressing up in costume.

I saw a commercial for Wizard101 on tv and asked Momma if we could play. A couple of days later after she checked it out, we began playing. I was 6, I’m almost 10 now. I love playing with my Mom and I love how she loves the game as much as I do. (Maybe more).

Now Mom is minister, teacher and author. She’s also a retired Information Technology geek. Which is why we have a lot of websites and blogs. She writes a lot of articles for other people, so when I asked if we could have a blog for “our” game she said yes. Woohoo!

Now we’re excited about Pirate101 and sharing what we learn through playing that game on our other blog A Pirate’s Portal!

Mom says I’m not old enough to write on the blog yet, which is a bummer. But she lets me give her suggestions and sometimes she types up what I want to say and share. I can’t wait till I can post on our blogs too.

We hope you enjoy our little Keep and have fun playing Wizard101!

© 2012 Victoria Fireheart’s Keep;  Springwolf, D.D., Ph.D.  All Rights Reserved.

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