It’s Been A While

A Pirate101 Addiction

It’s been a very long time since we’ve played Wizard101. That’s because we have become addicted to Pirate101.

There have been a lot of new updates and enhancements to Wizard that we don’t know about. For instance, a reader let us know that the 9th yardbird isn’t in the location we have here on the Keep..they put a teleport hub there. And we don’t know where the new on is…..yet. But I’m not sure when we’ll be able to get back into the game to find it.

A lot has changed in the Wizarding Spiral. New worlds, new pets and mounts, new equipment and quests have all been added to the game since the last time we were there in 2014.

There are many wonderful Fan Sites that focus on Wizard101. Don’t forget to visit with them. You can find an official list of sites on the Wizard101 FanSites list.

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