Quest Journal #9 – Dragonspyre Hints

Victoria Fireheart and Rex
Level 46 Master Pyromancer


Welcome to the fiery world of Dragonspyre.

After spending so much time in the peaceful green world of Mooshu, Victoria Fireheart has moved up and onto the hot and ghostly world of dragons and lava.

You arrive here through a conversation with Professor Ambrose who sends you to talk to Professor Drake about his brother Malistaire. In that conversation Cyrus Drake requires your skills be tested to ensure you can handle going to this Dragon world.

You will meet him in the Myth School Tower where you’ll have to defeat him to acquire the passage through the World Gate. He isn’t a wimpy opponent, holding 5,000 life points and some hefty Myth spells.Once defeated, he will tell you to meet him in Dragonspyre where he will help you find his brother.

As with other worlds you’ll have things to find. The History of Dragonspyre and Zeke’s Stone Roses. So let’s stop wasting time and get started. Continue reading


Earning Your Crafting Badges

Crafting Recipe

Throughout the Spiral you will find Crafting Artisans. These people will happily share their knowledge with you about crafting. They will provide you with quests to complete items and upon returning them to your instructor, they will give you a passing grade and sometimes a crafting badge.

There are a few things to know about crafting before you get started.

  1. Never sell the items you craft if they’re for a quest. You won’t be able to turn them into the Crafting Master who sent you off to make them.
  2. Collect reagents through all the worlds and if you can, don’t sell any of them. If your backpack gets too full or heavy, drop some of the reagents in your bank back at home. You can carry a maximum of 999 reagents.
  3. You will start out with a Basic Crafting Station at the beginning of the game. You’ll have to make it, but more about that later. As you advance through the Crafting ranks, the basic station will no longer be robust enough to handle your crafting needs and you’ll have to purchase a new more advanced station. I suggest buying it from the furniture shop in Marleybone. It’s cheaper there than it will be at the Bazaar shop in Olde Town.
  4. Crafting Recipes will show you what Reagents are required to craft the item. Beneath each reagent you’ll see how many are needed and how many you have. For instance, that red gemstone is a Ruby, 3 are needed in the recipe and you have 5. When you have enough to craft the item, the numbers will appear in yellow. If you need items, they will appear in red. Remember, when you’re crafting 2 of these items, you’ll need to double the recipe. You need 3 rubies to create 1 flower, but 6 in order to complete the quest. Continue reading

How To Get & Redeem A Wizard 101 Gift

Free Gifts From Wizard 101

From time to time KingsIsle Entertainment will post messages on the game start-up window. While you’re waiting for the game components to be checked, patched and updated take time to scroll through the news! You might find that you can win free stuff for Wizard 101.

Wizard 101 Desktop
Start Up Screen

Continue reading

Quest Journal #8 – Mooshu Hints

Victoria Fireheart and Rex
Level 39 Wizard
At The Moodah In The Jade Palace Garden

The Peaceful World of Mooshu

Mooshu is home of the Moodah. It’s also my favorite world in all the Spiral! Here you will meet Goats, Steers, Cows, Horses, Field Mice, Pigs, Boars and many other fine folk.

The world gate is inside a shrine and outside you’ll find the Central Town Square, which is much smaller than Marleybone. In the center you will find the game area in a square gazebo.

On one side you’ll find Prospector Zeke where you can acquire his quest to find the Blue Oysters. You will also find all the item shops, including the Home and Furniture shop. My Ice Wizard, Victoria Winterbreeze purchased the Grand Palace which she loves very much!

Just inside the gate at the Palace and to the right you will find Jing-Han He. He will tell you about the History Books  and how valuable they are to the people of MooShu.

Your first quests will be to prove you have the skill and character to fight for MooShu and honor it’s Emperor. While you’re running around between the 3 garden areas, take time to look for the first Oysters. You will receive a quest to go inside the Emperor’s Palace. When you do, it’s a good time to run up the ramp behind the Jade Champion and find the first history book to the right of the sleeping Emperor. Continue reading

Quest Journal – Summon A Minion

Helpful Minions

Fire Elemental Minion

Fire Elemental Minion

Every school of Wizardry has their own version of a Helpful Minion. Most come to you through a quest when you reach a certain level, most don’t come till Level 28. You may not be able to complete the quest right away. It depends on which world you’re working in and where you are in the quests for that world. 

School Minions cannot be purchased. They are like all your other spell cards, they’re earned. Treasure Card Minions can be purchased, but once you use them, they’re gone until your next purchase. School Minions are spell cards you can use over and over. So they’re very valuable and truly come in handy during battles.

  • Balance School – Helpful Mander
  • Death School – Various Death Minions
  • Fire School – Fire Elemental
  • Ice School- Ice Guardian/Colossus
  • Life School – Forest Sprite
  • Myth School – Enraged Minotaur/Warhorn
  • Storm School – Water Elemental

Now one thing you need to know about Minions; All Minions are NOT the same. Some are down right useless! You can view the Wizard Wiki for info and a spell list for each of the School Minions. But below is a list of quick info and our review of the Minions. Continue reading