Autumn Stormcloud

Autumn StormcloudBalance Wizard

Autumn is currently a level 44 wizard, Master Sorcerer.

She travels through the Spiral with Rascal the Heckhound. And her current mount are orange Fairy Wings.

Autumn is currently battling in Mooshu.
She has become:

  • Hero of Unicorn Way
  • The Savior of Wizard City
  • The Hero of Marleybone
  • The Hero of Kroktopia
  • Triton Underwater Hero
  • Spiral Cup Champion

She lives in a beautiful Life house tree with her pets:

  • Golden Piggie – Master Sassy
  • Golden Queen Rocky
  • Golden Lady Hunter
  • Stray Piggie – Prince Boomer
  • Stray Piggie – Prince Cosmo
  • Stray Piggie – Madam Spencer
  • Unicorn – Lady Sophie


Autumn and Oakey

On a side note…some of these names are given to the pets when they are awarded to your character.

And Mounts:

  • The Tawny Ram – That she named Oakie

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