Aedan Silverheart

Fire Wizard

Aedan Silverheart
Level 6 Wizard

Aedan is one of our newest wizards for my son. He is currently a level 6 Apprentice Pyromancer. Why so many wizards? Well it’s actually fun to create a new wizard from a different school and run through the challenges of the game again.

Aedan Silverheart is currently battling in Wizard City on Triton Avenue.

He is still working on his badges.

  • But his first one will be – Hero of Unicorn Way

New students of the Spiral are provided a dorm room near the beginning of the game. In order to acquire a home outside the dorms, you must reach level 15. Click here to read more about Housing.

If this Aedan is anything like his brothers, he’ll be a BIG animal lover. For now, he has no pets.

  • Wonder what his first pet will be?

On a side note…some of these names are given to the pets when they are awarded to your character.

And Mounts:

  • None yet

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