Aedan Thundercloud

Storm Wizard

Aedan Thundercloud

Aedan is currently a level 42 wizard, Master Sorcerer.

He  travels through the Spiral with one of his favorite friends,  King Fluffy the Firecat, Penny the Heckhound or Morgan the Bravehound. And his current mount is a set of very nice blue Fairy Wings.

Aedan is currently battling in Mooshu and Grizzleheim.
He has become:

  • Hero of Unicorn Way
  • The Savior of Wizard City
  • The Hero of Krokotopia
  • Triton Underwater Hero
  • Spiral Cup Champion

He lives in a beautiful underwater Storm house. And when he’s not there, he rests up in his wooded cottage. He’s a big lover of animals and has many pets:

  • Firecat – King Fluff
  • Unicorn – Princess Snoopie
  • Golden Piggie – Lord Bo
  • Brown Spider –  Midnight
  • Sea Dragon – Baby Shadow
  • Snowball – Holly
  • Dragon – Spike
  • Dragon – Prince Midnight
  • Unicorn – Prince Lily
  • Heckhound – Penny
  • Bravehound – Princess Morgan
  • and many more….

On a side note…some of these names are given to the pets when they are awarded to your character.

Aedan and King Fluffy

Aedan and Penny

Aedan and Morgan

And Mounts:

  • The Charity Chrismoose
  • The Snow Ram

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