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Spiral Books – The Secret History

The History of Dragonspyre

When you enter Dragonspyre, you will be sent to the Library to speak with Milos Bookwyrm about the Dragon Crystals. You will find him inside the doors and slightly to the right in the Atheneum. You really can’t miss him.

Once you have completed Professor Drake’s quest for the crystal, talk to  Milos again and he will tell you about the History of the Dragonspyre books.

He explains how he has nearly forgotten what he once knew, but what might help is if you could bring back the seven volume series of The History of Dragonspyre, which were hidden for protection.

Once you receive the quest, keep on the look out when you enter buildings for battles. The books are usually somewhere in the room with the ‘boss’ you’re fighting.

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Finding The Smiths

Wizard City – Prospector Zeke Quest

Prospector Zeke

You may want to review our Zeke Quest overview for some helpful tips and you’ll find a list of current Zeke Quests we’re working on. Remember there are items in each world to find.

You first meet Zeke at the beginning of the game where he welcomes you to Wizard City and tells you about things people have forgotten and need to find.

You will be given this request when you’re a level 1 wizard, so look for Zeke near the statue by the large pond in front of Master Ambrose’s house. For your first quest, Zeke will tell you:


Zeke explains that if you help him find these lost items, he’ll reward you for your trouble. You DO want to help him. When you complete each Zeke quest, you earn a badge for that world, such as the Wizard City Explorer badge. More importantly you earn a training point that you can use at one of the schools to attain a new spell card. Continue reading