Spiral Books

Books Of The Spiral

Through out the worlds within the Spiral you will meet Librarians and keepers of the Legend and Lore of the land. These people are often History Experts for the land you’re in and they need your help finding various lost books.

Most of these books are found in rooms where you must battle a Boss before you can access the book. Not all rooms are like this however. Some you can get to by walking around the Boss battle area, so always try to get to the book before you battle. I can’t tell you how many players have told me they battled the Boss, won and totally forgot about accessing the book.

It’s a good idea to look around all the battle rooms when you enter or complete a battle. A few of these rooms have free items you can pick up for your house. So look around all the Boss rooms and see what you might find.

Here are the Quest Guides we’ve currently developed for the Spiral books:

Good luck!

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