Zeke Quests

The Explorer

Prospector Zeke

Zeke is an explorer of the Spiral. He gets around..a lot!

You first meet Zeke at the beginning of the game where he welcomes you to Wizard City and tells you about things people have forgotten and need to find.


Zeke explains that if you help him find these items, he’ll reward you for your trouble. You DO want to help him. When you complete each Zeke quest, you earn a badge for that world, such as the Wizard City Explorer badge. And more importantly you earn a training point that you can use at one of the schools to attain a new spell card.

The items to find vary from world to world. For instance in Wizard City, your first Zeke quest is to find the smiths. In Grizzleheim you’ll be asked to find the Yardbirds and so on through out each world.

There will not be any quest help available to find these items. And not all of them are that easy to find. While there have been a few quests that we’ve needed some clarification on, we generally have been able to get through the mission without much trouble.

But finding the Zeke items..well that’s a different story. Some of these critters are simply hard to find! This is the one main recurring quest that we’ve had to search for help with. Now it used to be you could find help on the Wizard message board. But board administrators have stopped that, stating they don’t allow spoilers on the board. Some players have created youtube videos or cryptic notes on their own blogs to provide help for the Zeke requests. But I haven’t found many of these helpful. And that inspired us to create our own wizard blog and share what we’ve learned!

Zeke’s Quest Helper

Because there’s no quest help, it’s easy to forget you’re supposed to be looking for them. Some of the items are in dungeons where you cannot leave until you’ve completed the mission. If you do, you’ll have to start the dungeon quest over again. Which is a pain. So if you forget to look for the Zeke item while you’re there, you may have to replay the dungeon in order to get to the item. So don’t forget to keep an eye on your Zeke requests and where the next item will be found.

Zeke provides you with a quest reminder that will tell you which area you can find the lost item in that world. For instance, he’ll tell you one of the items in Wizard City will be found in Golem Court. When you enter a new area, a pop-up title will appear telling you the name of the new area you’re entering into. So as long as keep in mind which area the lost items are in, you can narrow down where to look in that world.

Additionally, Zeke will give you an idea of what to look for when you pick up the new quest. For instance, he gives you a picture of the Smiths on the quest card. But that doesn’t always help you when you’re out looking for the items in the Spiral. Once you find one, you have a better idea what to look for from a distance. So we’ll provide not only a map and some general info; but also an image of what the lost items will look like as you’re exploring the worlds.

Here are the Quest Guides we’ve currently developed for Prospector Zeke:

Good luck!

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