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Quest Journal – Victoria Fireheart’s Wysteria Home (Graphically Intensive Page!)

Decorating A New Home

The Wysteria Villa

In Wizard 101, each character is allowed to have 3 homes. Victoria Fireheart has her dorm room, Wooded Cottage and last week she was able to acquire a new home from the crown shop; the Wysteria Villa.

This is an elegant home for any wizard. There are several garden areas outside and a number of rooms inside that can be used for offices, bedrooms, guest quarters, libraries, dining areas, a trophy room, music rooms or any other purpose you can think of. In the center of the home is an outdoor courtyard perfect for gardening, or to create a nice quiet place for the beauty of nature.

She has been spending her extra crowns on decorating the ground and the many rooms inside. There are a few disappointing features however, but that can be easily overlooked. There are guest villas on the property, but you cannot get inside them. That would be terribly kewl if you could! And while there are large grassy areas directly around the villa grounds, you can’t access them or put anything in those areas either. But the interior makes up for that.

So here we thought we’d share some of Victoria’s decorating design and tastes.  You can also learn more about Castles on our Housing page. Continue reading

Quest Journal #8 – Mooshu Hints

Victoria Fireheart and Rex
Level 39 Wizard
At The Moodah In The Jade Palace Garden

The Peaceful World of Mooshu

Mooshu is home of the Moodah. It’s also my favorite world in all the Spiral! Here you will meet Goats, Steers, Cows, Horses, Field Mice, Pigs, Boars and many other fine folk.

The world gate is inside a shrine and outside you’ll find the Central Town Square, which is much smaller than Marleybone. In the center you will find the game area in a square gazebo.

On one side you’ll find Prospector Zeke where you can acquire his quest to find the Blue Oysters. You will also find all the item shops, including the Home and Furniture shop. My Ice Wizard, Victoria Winterbreeze purchased the Grand Palace which she loves very much!

Just inside the gate at the Palace and to the right you will find Jing-Han He. He will tell you about the History Books  and how valuable they are to the people of MooShu.

Your first quests will be to prove you have the skill and character to fight for MooShu and honor it’s Emperor. While you’re running around between the 3 garden areas, take time to look for the first Oysters. You will receive a quest to go inside the Emperor’s Palace. When you do, it’s a good time to run up the ramp behind the Jade Champion and find the first history book to the right of the sleeping Emperor. Continue reading

Spiral Books – The Greatest Gift

The History of MooShu

When you enter Mooshu, find the Jade Palace. Just inside the gate and to the right you will find Jing-Han He. He will tell you how the books were lost and how valuable they are to the people of MooShu. He will ask if you will help him find and return The Greatest Gift, The History of MooShu.

Back in the village, you’ll find Prospector Zeke. So don’t forget to go back there and find him. He will give you the quest to find the Blue Oyster Cult.

Once you receive the quest, keep on the look out when you enter buildings for battles. The books are usually somewhere in the room with the ‘boss’ you’re fighting.

Continue reading

Wizard 101 Free Gifts! Yeah!

The Bravehound

Rex The Bravehound

Over the past two weeks KingsIsle has been promoting a recent article about Wizard in Forbes Magazine. It’s a pretty interesting article about how Wizard is the top online game for kids and the whole family! And there’s good reason why.

If you liked the story with your Facebook or Twitter account, you helped players become eligible for free pieces of gold. 2,500 pieces to be exact. Did you get yours?

If you shared the story this week, you helped players become eligible for a free pet! In this case, a Bravehound!

There’s two interesting things about Bravehounds. You can change their color (at least you can change the bottom color; they’ll always be black on top). And once your hound become a teenager, he/she can help you in battles by providing you with a Health Fairy!

Did you take time to click the link on the Game Start up and get your free hound? We did!

If you need help to redeem your gift, try our Receive & Redeem Your Gift instruction page.

So let us introduce you to our new friends.

Victoria Fireheart
and Rex

Aedan Thundercloud
and Princess Morgan

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Quest Journal – Summon A Minion

Helpful Minions

Fire Elemental Minion

Fire Elemental Minion

Every school of Wizardry has their own version of a Helpful Minion. Most come to you through a quest when you reach a certain level, most don’t come till Level 28. You may not be able to complete the quest right away. It depends on which world you’re working in and where you are in the quests for that world. 

School Minions cannot be purchased. They are like all your other spell cards, they’re earned. Treasure Card Minions can be purchased, but once you use them, they’re gone until your next purchase. School Minions are spell cards you can use over and over. So they’re very valuable and truly come in handy during battles.

  • Balance School – Helpful Mander
  • Death School – Various Death Minions
  • Fire School – Fire Elemental
  • Ice School- Ice Guardian/Colossus
  • Life School – Forest Sprite
  • Myth School – Enraged Minotaur/Warhorn
  • Storm School – Water Elemental

Now one thing you need to know about Minions; All Minions are NOT the same. Some are down right useless! You can view the Wizard Wiki for info and a spell list for each of the School Minions. But below is a list of quick info and our review of the Minions. Continue reading