Victoria Winterbreeze

Ice Wizard

Victoria Winterbreeze

Victoria is currently a level 65 wizard, Legendary Thurmaturge.

Birthday: September 16, 2010.

She travels through the Spiral with her favorite friend Zeus the Stormhound. Zeus is currently taking a break at the palace in Mooshu. Right now she is questing with Moose, her adult Ice Wyvern. She has several mounts, but currently favors her blue Fairy wings.

As you may imagine, Victoria has acquired many different outfits throughout her life. But there have been none that have exceeded her most favorite. This pirate inspired level 40 ensemble.

Victoria is currently battling in Celestia.
She has become:

  • Hero of Unicorn Way
  • The Savior of Wizard City
  • The Hero of Marleybone
  • The Hero of Krokotopia
  • Triton Underwater Hero
  • Spiral Cup Champion
  • Hero of Grizzleheim
  • Dragonspyre Master
  • Savior of the Spiral

Level 65 Attire

She has become a

  • Master Artisan
  • GrandMaster Gardener

She lives in a beautiful Mooshu Imperial Palace with her pets:

  • Ice Wyvern – Moose
  • Dragon – Baby Gracie
  • Dragon – Princess Spike
  • Dragon – Lady Luna
  • Dragon – Whiskers
  • Dragon – Lord Rascal
  • Storm Hound – Zeus
  • Snowball – Pebbles
  • Ice Colossus – Buster

On a side note…some of these names are given to the pets when they are awarded to your character.

And Mounts:

  • Faithful Dragoness – That she named Daisy
  • Charity Chrismoose – named Rudolf

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