Victoria Fireheart

Fire Wizard

Victoria Fireheart
Level 45 Master Pyromancer

Victoria currently a level 46 wizard.  A Master Pyromancer.

Birthday: June 12, 2012.

She is our newest wizard, created to document game guides and progression of the game for Wayward Wizards. She is also the namesake for our blog here.

As she travels through the Spiral we’ll post Quest Journals and Helpful Hints for each world she explores.  Some places may not have a lot to talk about and we don’t to spoil the fun in playing. But there are some things that are helpful to know that won’t be spoilers. We’ll try to share those as they come up.

Victoria is currently battling in Dragonspyre with her special friend, Rex the Bravehound.

She has become the:

  • Hero of Unicorn Way
  • Savior Of Wizard City
  • Sunken City Survivor
  • Triton Underwater Hero
  • The Hero of Krokotopia
  • Spiral Cup Champion
  • The Hero of Marleybone

She has moved out the student dorms and has purchased two homes.

She lives mainly in her Wysteria Villa with her pets:

Rex The Bravehound

  • Smokey – The Heckhound
  • Zoey – The Heckhound
  • Sparky – The Firecat
  • Rex – The Bravehound 

Dragons and Bravehounds are one of the few pets you can customize, color wise to your liking. Bravehounds start out black and yellow. You can see an image of Rex when he first came to Victoria below with Sparky, Zoey and Smokey in the Pet garden. While battling in Mooshu, Rex was able to visit the salon and get a new color. He really likes it. 

On a side note…names are automatically given to pets when they are awarded to your character. You can pay to have them changed.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Start up window for Wizard. You might find some free gifts that you can acquire.

Sometimes you merely have to click a link, other times you might be asked to read an article and tweet about it, or like it on your Facebook page.  We do that, and that’s how Rex came into our Wizard family!

Victoria at Home with
Sparky, Zoey, Smokey and Rex!

And Mounts:

  • She is currently riding through the Spiral on a lovely horned sweeper.


.Victoria on her journey:

Victoria Fireheart
Level 1 Wizard

Victoria Fireheart
Level 9 Wizard

Victoria Fireheart
Level 18 Wizard

Victoria Fireheart
Level 25 Wizard

Victoria Fireheart
Level 32 Magus Pyromancer

Victoria Fireheart
Level 35 Wizard

Victoria Fireheart
Level 40 Wizard

Victoria Fireheart
Level 45 Master Pyromancer

Level 50Coming Soon

Victoria Fireheart and Smokey

The Horned Sweeper Gets Victoria Around The Spiral

Once Victoria completed her tasks in Krokotopia, she was looking for a nice quiet place to get a much needed rest. Thanks to the treasure and rewards discovered in the dusty desert, she was able to purchase her first new home. The Wizard City Wooded Cottage

Wizard City – Wooded Cottage
Costs 8,000 Pieces of Gold

When Victoria became a level 40 Wizard. She decided Rex needed a new look to mark the occasion of his training to teenager. He really likes his new black and white color!

Victoria and Rex

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