Archive | June 29, 2012

Quest Journal #3 – Sunken City Hints

Victoria Fireheart & Smokey

Victoria Fireheart’s Battles In The Sunken City

Victoria leveled up last night to a level 17 Journeyman Pyromancer in the Underwater City. She updated her cloths ..and therefore her health and mana. She carries the Ascendent Staff, inherited from Autumn Stormcloud. And Akori’s Deepwater Amulet which gives her a storm shark card for battles.

And Smokey has grown up to. He’s worked his way through the maze game and gained some experience to become a teen Heckhound!

They completed the first Spiral Book quest. Harold Argleston sent them on the search for the Wizard City History of Magic and the Library Dues quest. We’ve put a game guide for this quest here on the Keep.

Now it’s off to the Sunken City to collect proof of the Grub for Marla Stinger to prove Professor Drake wrong.  This is a dungeon quest, so make sure you have time to get through the whole thing. It will take a minimum of 30min and as much as an hour to get through. It depends on how many street battles you accidentally get into. Continue reading